L'Africaine (The African Woman) is a grand opera in five acts, the last work of the composer Giacomo Meyerbeer. The French libretto by Eugène Scribe deals with fictitious events in the life of the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama – Meyerbeer's working title for the opera was in fact Vasco de Gama. The opera had its first performance by the Paris Opéra at the Salle Le Peletier on 28 April 1865.

Roles Edit

Role[10] Voice type Premiere cast, 28 April 1865

(Conductor: François George-Hainl)[11]

Sélika, a slave soprano Marie Sasse
Vasco de Gama, a naval officer tenor Emilio Naudin
Inès, daughter of Don Diego soprano Marie Battu
Nélusko, a slave baritone Jean-Baptiste Faure
Don Pédro, president of the Royal Council bass Belval (Jules-Bernard Gaffiot)[12]
Don Diégo, an admiral bass Armand Castelmary
Anna, Inès's confidante mezzo-soprano Leonia Levielly[13]
Don Alvaro, council member tenor Victor Warot
Grand Inquisitor of Lisbon bass Joseph David[13]
High Priest of Brahma bass Louis-Henri Obin
Councillors, naval officers, bishops, Brahmins, Indians, soldiers, sailors

Performances Edit

Year Dates Opera House
2018 Feb - Mar - Apr Frankfurt, Opernhaus