Don Giovanni is an opera in two acts, which was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and first performed in 1787 during the classical era of music.d in Italian. It is a comedy based around the character Don Giovanni. The complete title is Il Dissoluto punito, Ossia Il Don Giovanni, meaning "The Rake Punished, or Don Giovanni," and it is performed in Italian. This opera is classified as an opera buffe, a blending of comedic and melodramic elements.

Story Edit

Don Giovanni is a young nobleman who abuses and outrages all the other characters that he encounters, until he comes across something he cannot escape, outwit, or kill. 

Act 1Edit

Act 2Edit


  • Don Giovanni-devious nobleman (baritone)
  • Leporello-Don Giovanni's servant (bass)
  • Il Commendatore (Don Pedro) (bass)
  • Donna Anna-Pedro's daughter, Ottavio's fiancèe (soprano)
  • Don Ottavio (tenor)
  • Donna Elvira-a lady of Burgos abandoned by Giovanni (soprano)
  • Masetto-a peasent (bass)
  • Zerlina-Masetto's fiancèe (soprano)
  • Chorus: peasants, young ladies, demons, and musicians